The story

Bors.Art is born with the dream of living unique emotions.
Like every artist with his canvas, Bors.Art tells a story, a constantly changing and evolving story, a true Italian story.
The idea was born to discover the authentic Made in Italy concept, which is often exalted but not as it deserves to be.

The tradition of leather processing, craftman’s care of details bind indissolubly with our passion to design unique and unrepeatable pieces.

““For my part I know nothing with any certainty,
but the sight of the stars makes me dream”.”

Vincent Van Gogh

Inspiration is the starting point.
The perfection, uniqueness and beauty of the stars inspired the world of Bors.Art.
Every piece of the collection is a star, one among millions but unique in its kind. Just like women, each one is perfect because it differs from the other.

To consolidate the image of the brand, the territory and its story is our Know How.
Bors.Art was born in Veneto – the creative basin for leather production. Centuries of artisan experience guarantees the highest quality of Made in Italy.
Ours is a style full of timeless history.

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